Access to marketing portal

Is there a way to give our marketing company access to the Marketing Pro portal without giving them access to the rest of ST?

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MarketingPro: Allocating Campaign Costs

Hi there, I'm new to MarketingPro and trying to get my marketing summary to be an accurate reflection of our spend & ROI. I'm curious to hear how other people attribute a costs to email campaigns. Do you do a weighted method (one-time vs recurring) o...

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Direct Mail & Email Campaign Assist *

Reaching out to my fellow titans to see if anyone has worked with an outside vendor/3rd party business to help produce their Direct Mail / Email campaign results. From creating the designs, delivering the finished product, out bounding it as schedule...

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ServiceTitan Review Texts

Hello, fellow Service Titan folks!Has anyone else been having a heck of a time getting the ServiceTitan review texts to work, especially after this latest ServiceTitan update? We used to get 9 reviews a week since we launched the texts, but now we ca...

Competitive Advantages in Ads

We started highlighting some of the functionality in ServiceTitan, such as interactive scheduling and auto texted bios in our ads and it appears to be working. Wanted to share the link:

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YouTube short videos - the new marketing trend?

A couple of weeks ago my team participated in a local parade. I took some photos and videos on my phone, and I wanted to share one of the videos (only 17 seconds long) with my team at our company meeting this morning to highlight my team and thank th...

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Off Season Marketing Ideas

At Lee's, we are primarily an AC company but our plumbing side is growing. What are some off season marketing ideas that you all are looking into? We are pushing facebook branding campaigns as well as pushing web-booking for quickly scheduling mainte...

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Reviews Reporting

Requesting a feature for allowing Review data from Marketing Pro to be in the Reports section. We do not want to give access to field managers to the Marketing Pro features. But they need reports on how technicians are performing on reviews. There is...

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Resolved! Leaders are readers! 📚 Recommendations from Dave Rothacker!

Looking for great book recommendations? Look no further, LadyTitans asked our dear friend and industry leader Dave Rothacker (Go Time) to compile a list of must-read books! So of course we had to share >> huge core value for m...

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