Marketing Integrations and Job Mapping

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It would be really nice if Service Titan could update the job mapping as there isn't much for a pool company. Everything is geared towards HVAC and Plumbing so it is hard to use the integrations correctly.


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No Security or Audio Video ... not good to find out..

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Still disappointed that the pool industry isn't being recognized in the Map Job Types under Settings it Release 64. Would make our CSR's job a little easier when booking jobs.

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Hi @amandamay626 - one more quick item that  may be of interest to you - We have a new Community Group launching on November 1 - the Pioneering Trades Group. This group will be open to anyone in new (and emerging) markets such as: pool and spa, irrigation, pest control, appliance repair and many more niche industries. Our hope with this group is for people in these industries to share best practices and helpful resources. So definitely keep your 👀 peeled on the groups page at the beginning of November so you can join!

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Hi Amanda!

Job type mapping was originally created in alignment with our Google Local Services integration and was limited initially to the job types pertaining to available trades that Google Local Services currently offers. Considering that Job Type Mapping is becoming more prevalent in our leads integrations as well as the new and improved web scheduler that is currently in open beta, building out more job types for mapping is definitely on our radar and something we're planning to do in the future!

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Hey there @amandamay626 ! 👋🏻 Thanks so much for your suggestion! This is definitely on the product team's radar but we do have some restrictions outside of our control from Google on what can be available via the integration. I'll make sure your CSM is aware of your request so they can update you when we know more.

A couple of other things I wanted to make sure you were aware of, we have a specific section for product feedback called "Ideas" where we encourage you to submit suggestions like this. That way other users can vote and share their use case or additional feedback. That section is monitored by our product team so it's a great way to get your feedback directly to the team's responsible for those changes!

Additionally, please keep your eye out in November for a new group we're launching called Pioneering Trades. This group is specifically geared towards customers like you who work outside of the main HVAC trades. We have a bunch of other pool companies, as well as other trades, and we'd love to get you all connected and be able to share tips and stories specific to your industry.