Marketing PRO Audience Builder Question

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I'm a new user on marketing pro and looking to build an audience for thank you's on FIRST-TIME customers only.
Direct mail as a first time and email for subsequent jobs.

Based on some trial and error I believe I can accomplish this with both Job Inclusion AND Invoice Exclusions.  Can anyone confirm my thinking? 

When you filter any invoice fields, it will filter to any customer that has AT LEAST ONE INVOICE that matches that criteria.

Specifically my filters are:

Last Completed Job Date: Equal To 1 Day in the Past
Subtotal: Greater than $199

Job Completed Date: Greater Than 2 Days In the Past




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Yes you can do it that way. But do you want to include people you may have lost too? I have the same set up but I have it set to send a new client postcard when an account is created in the system. That way if they didn't book for whatever reason or cancelled, they will still get something. The goal is for them to get the contact and come back to us and try us out.