Renewal vs New Sale On Memberships

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It would be nice if Service Titan would make it so a technician cannot "sell" a new membership if there is an existing one in the last 6 months even if it is expired. I wish it would make them "renew" the membership, not sell a new one. Otherwise it messes up the new sales vs renewal numbers as well as technician spiffs. 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Agree with this idea (and went and voted), but one thing ST will need to consider is people with multiple memberships. We have a membership for plumbing and for hvac, so as long as it know which TYPE you are trying to renew, then it should be okay!


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I agree. We have multiple departments that use memberships, so maybe making this feature optional would work as well. Something you would select in settings.

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Here is the ID:  COMMUNITY-I-1961

Thanks for the input! We do use the tags but I'm not sure we are using them right to auto-populate when a membership has expired. 

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Jessica is right. Another tip I'd add here would be to try using membership tags. For example, if a tech sees a renewal tag, they should easily know to sell a renewal membership versus sell a new membership. 

Additionally, “potential membership renewal” vs “potential member” should point to the right action to take here.

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