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currently, the technicians are only able to see the arrival window for scheduled jobs. the techs have NO ACCESS TO SEE WHEN THE JOB IS SCHEDULED TO END.  This is extremely critical especially for service techs.  The techs need to be able to see this in order to prevent scheduling conflicts.  if they need more time then they will know to request it right away.   please add the end time of jobs on mobile for the techs to see


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Just made this an idea please vote on it.


Also a temporary solution for you is to create a custom field that appears on the call page where the dispatcher can enter an estimated end time and then make it a required field that has to be filled out this way the techs will be able to see how long they have on a job.

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@mcabral You bring up a valid point and I'll check with our fellow coaches to see if this is an option. I think by default the mobile side is designed to focus techs to look forward and communicate with dispatch but this could be a good community idea if it's not already a back-end configuration, may I ask what industry you're in?

I work in plumbing & heating.  I understand the idea to motivate them to look ahead.... but unfortunately, if there is not another job scheduled yet, the technician may assume he has all day at the current appointment.  Overall, there are many positives if the end time could be on each appointment; easily accessible for the tech to view.