Events - Tech unable to see if TIMESHEET not checked!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

With the newest update, there was a checkbox for "Needs a timesheet?" added to the new event settings. 
We use 1call dispatching, so our techs can only see one job at a time. With this we use events to let staff know if they need parts for a later repair, when vehicles are due for maintenance, etc.  These things don't require timesheets, really, HOWEVER - We found out today that if this box is not checked, the tech cant see the event!! We didnt know they wouldn't be able to see the events, so this has caused us a lot of issues in the past few weeks.

Is there a way we can make it mandatory to check the box, or that Techs can see all events regardless?


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I *just* figured this out and I'm PISSED. Why even have the option for an event to be scheduled if they can't see it?! What is the point? I definitely would like to see this option removed or have it automatically selected and be able to uncheck the box instead. For a program that costs as much as ServiceTitan does, there sure are a lot of weird little issues that seem to be so simple - do their developers not actually test-run on the app end? 
-- on a similar note, it would be super great if we could create a job or job visit from the dispatch board; I don't know how other companies run, but 99.9% of what our CSR/Dispatchers need to do could/should easily be managed from the dispatch board. 

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If you click "needs a timesheet" and they don't "clock into" the event, it won't effect their timesheet hours.  Just select "other" for the timesheet code.  They'll see it & it won't show up on their timesheet.  That's what we have been doing

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