Discounts in Pricebook

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We offer a 10% discount to seniors, military and first responders off of their labor charges only for a call. I have watched videos but can not figure out how to just apply the discount to labor. It is in Pricebook as a discount but when chosen by the techs it discounts the total invoice. 

Any idea how to set it up to just discount off the labor charges? We don't want it in membership since that is a different discount rate.



We have had a similar issue with % discount on different items at different % rates as opposed to the entire invoice. We have been told that Service Titan is working on a solution for this.

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Yes we have it set up in discount under the pricebook but there is not a way to apply it to just one item and not the entire invoice. I guess we will just have to go back to manually figuring the discount and adding it in. I hope they can get something set up it would make it easier for the techs and office staff. Thanks for your reply.

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There is a discount and fees feature you can get turned on.  You can mark items in the pricebook to either "Allow Discounts" or not.  But here is the catch... if you have member pricing and mark an item to NOT allow discounts, then the member price is blocked too!  ST knows this is an issue, but isn't doing anything about it right now.  

So the best way could be a task that the techs manually change to reflect the discount.  Sorry

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