Visible pricebook anytime

I had an idea that I added to the ideas section and I'm just hoping to get some votes to move it forward. However, maybe my techs are the only ones running into this issue. When we run a call, after hours for example, we can not provide the customer ...

JeremyC85 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Hide certain items in the Pricebook from Technicians

We have certain items (Services) set up in our Pricebook that are only used for one large customer in particular. The invoicing for this customer is all done on the Office/Admin side once the Technician has completed the job. However, sometimes the T...

ajester by New Contributor
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Price Builder: Gross Margin and Markup

Client Specific Pricing and Dynamic Pricing use different markup methods. This is confusing. We built dynamic prices using the default option for Gross Margin (which has always been our preferred method). In Client Specific Pricing that option is not...

BDJ by New Contributor III
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Whats the difference? Material, Equipment, Service

Ok, so I joined a company who has been using service titan for a while now and have been trying to learn all I can. Recently I was tasked with getting the company setup in the inventory module. This company has been running for years using service ti...

KellyB by New Contributor II
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Dynamic Pricing - Doesn't work on Equipment

Why doesn't dynamic pricing work on equipment. Dynamic Pricing uses the categories that the equipment are in and there is an equipment mark up section in Dynamic pricing. This does not make sense.Secondly, how are we to mark up equipment? Where does ...

BDJ by New Contributor III
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“Automatically replenish this item as it is used on invoices”

Is it possible to have the system default to uncheck the box “Automatically replenish this item as it is used on invoices” when adding materials to the Pricebook?We are not using this feature at the moment and it is creating requisitions every time a...

Ben-NES by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Dynamic: Material Calculation Feature

Does anyone know a work around for the dynamic price calculation when you do not carry the part?A problem we are facing is when we do not carry the items on our trucks or in our warehouse for a task. We have to send the tech to pick up the item(s) at...

EM by New Contributor II
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Tracking of Task Versions

We are maintaining a separate excel to track changes we are making to Service tasks in an effort to have a better understanding of how services are performing. Does anyone have a better process then maintaining a separate spreadsheet? It would be hel...

EM by New Contributor II
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Pricebook History

Hello, We are having issues with our prices. We increased prices last year. We recently updated Service Titian's Service/Material photos and all of a sudden all of our prices changed to an even lower amount to what they were before we increased them....

lena4800 by New Contributor
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[RESOLVED] Known Issue - Community Experience

The issue related to Event Calendar has been RESOLVED.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
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