Removing Deactivated Categories

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am going through and doing some Pricebook clean-up and came across an issue with deactivated categories still being listed under active services and materials. Naturally, I looked to the community to see if anyone else has found this and had a good work-around, or if the fix was obvious and I just have not noticed it or been able to find it.

And so I found the following discussion:

Fast forward 2 years since the initial discussion, I am unable to find anywhere saying that this has been resolved, despite a product manager for Pricebook chiming in and saying that this was in fact a true bug in the system (not a visual glitch or something that was left that way intentionally) and was going to be fixed.

I would like to know if this has been fixed, and if so, how do I go about fixing this problem? Or if it has not been fixed, who do I need to talk to to get ServiceTitan to resolve this issue? 

Thank you in advance !!


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Maybe consider opening a new help ticket and referencing the original one if you can. The help ticketing system has come a long way in the last two years. Much, much easier now to keep track of status of tickets.