Uploading Material Lists - Suggestions on Building a Working Material List

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Hello everyone, 

Our team is in the process of onboarding ST and will be live in the next month or so, and we're currently trying to tackle setting up our material list. We'd love to be able to create accurate estimates for large-scale projects, link multiple vendors to individual items, and have our materials named in a way that office and field staff can easily search for the materials in ST, but it's proving to be an undertaking.

We started with the price books of just 8 of our main vendors, but the number of materials that need to be renamed into a consistent naming convention from our vendors' unique and messy descriptions and matched makes it feel as though we'd need to dedicate an inordinate amount of time.


How did everyone else tackle their material lists? Any tips/articles/videos that helped simplify the process or is brute force the only way to go?


Thank you!


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @GKearnsBoyd, thanks for your posting. Let's see if one of our Pricebook experts @Sheena_Palacios  can share some best practices or suggestions on Building a Working Material List.

In the meantime, you can review these articles to build your Pricebook efficiently. Thank you!

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Thanks, @LBabayan! Hi @GKearnsBoyd best practice would be to establish an internal naming convention. I find it helpful to use this format: item>description>size (i.e., Ball Valve CPVC 1/2"). Once you have that down you can have an idea of how to make something so detailed a bit more streamlined. Same thing with codes. Export your pricebook and make the mass update there and then import it and do a mobile view. Make sure the naming convention is custom to your organization and techs who will be using it.

Sheena @ NiFT