Dispatcher Goals

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Good Morning,

I am not a dispatcher however I am looking for what everyone suggests or follows for dispatchers.  Do you have goals such as they need to call 40 customers a day and try to get them booked?  We are hoping to add some guidelines and some stability to our dispatch position and hope to get some goals/rules/guidelines put into place to help with this.

Thank you!


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Hello Diana! What a great question! A few months ago I did a webinar where I went over performance KPIs for CSRs and Dispatchers. You can view the article and webinar here.

In the webinar, I talk about running a Dispatcher Performance report, and show what possible things you can measure in that report. As a leadership team, it's up to you to decide which of these metrics are most important for your dispatcher to focus on based upon your goals for profit, revenue, call volume, and efficiency. A dispatcher has the ability to influence all of these metrics based upon their ability to effectively manage the calls on the dispatch board.

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