Moving equipment

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Looking for workflow to move a piece of equipment to a new location. SAME owner. Client moves and wants us to uninstall at old house & reinstall at new location. I'm thinking best thing is just one job and editing the location address after the move since there is no equip left at the 1st location. How do you folks handle this?


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Hi Erika! Thanks for posting your question in Water Treatment User Group.

I concur with @BrandonMantel on this topic. This is the conclusion I reached as well.

There are a few resources that may assist you in this scenario (and similar scenarios):

Merging and Unmerging Records
Academy: In this course, you will learn how to merge and unmerge customer and service location records.

Merge and unmerge duplicate Customer and Location Records
Knowledge Base: If you've created two of the same customer or location, you can merge them together.

Manage Customer Relocation
Knowledge Base: Manage customer relocations in ServiceTitan when they move to or from a service location you've worked in the past.

I hope this helps!


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Erika,   We sometimes will do what you're referring to, you can also merge the location with the equipment into the new location.  This would move the equipment over into the new address.  This would leave some sort of auditing trail.   You at least would have a record that a merge had taken place.   I don't know of any other way to accomplish that except add the equipment manually in the new location.