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Hey everyone, 

I have been working in Service titan for about 4 months. It is so  nice to start to see everything come together once you learn all the different functions. What is your top tip or trick you have encountered so far?


Thank you, 

Kelley Matheny


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hello and welcome!

What has helped me the most is taking part in Embers and Sparks and being involved in Community and as many groups as possible. Networking, whether virtual or in person, has a tremendous impact on your success!

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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get comfortable joining chat with support.  they are pretty quick versus any other support for any other product and they can save you a ton of time trying to figure things out.  there is alot of information out there about service titan and the guides and posts online can be helpful but until you get used to service titan alot of it may be difficult to understand.

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Hello, Utilize the practice/next to see how every plays out and gives you an opportunity to figure out how you want everything to be without impacting your live account. It is a great resource.

Also, when doing memberships overthink all scenarios, set up is key to success.


One tip that I have is to take advantage of all the resources ST has to offer! These have helped me meet people, and learn a lot more of what ST has to offer, and how it can better grow our company. (Ignite, Ember, Spark groups, ST Admin course, webinars).