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While you are at Pantheon

 This is the second part of a three part series to assist you in your business’s “Journey to the Top” at Pantheon 2023. Let’s look at ways we can maximize our time while at Pantheon. 

Please feel free to add your tips in the comment section below. 

  •  Start early each day, enjoy a fresh breakfast, coffee and see who else is getting an early start. 

    • Try to hit Registration as soon as you can. ServiceTitan usually has a pre registration open at the event Monday afternoon early evening. This can be an easy quick experience or wait until late and enjoy the lines, either way you can usually finds some good opportunities for additional networking here.
    • Know where Pantheon will be taking place, check out the timing involved to get to this area. (Usually Big Conference = Big Hotel) Last year you had to shuttle to the event. This year no shuttle is needed as long as you are staying at the same hotel as Pantheon. Either way it’s a good idea to know the layout and timing of the Pantheon Events.
    • Know where your break out sessions are. A little investigative work here, but well worth the time. Knowing where you're going will give more time for networking.
    • Lastly, get to know where your lunches and snack areas will be. Also a good time to scout where the restrooms are situated. 
  • Networking At Pantheon has to be the best Networking in our Industry by far.  I am sure some of you are familiar with the SparkSessions. This is like attending a Giant Sparks with a few thousand people in the session. Our industry is amazing for sharing industry knowledge and Pantheon is no different.  Here are some tips to take advantage of your networking opportunities. 
    • Bring your Business Cards/Digital Card info
    • Wear Name Tags/Lanyards with pins
    • Stay at conference hotel: Networking in the morning, afternoon and evenings
    • Meet with ServiceTitan Employees (Blue Collar Nerd, your CSM and other great resources) 
    • Have 3 top questions/topics/points that are business related to discuss 
    • Technology Notes
      • Conference App… use the conference #
      • Review who is attending, who might be good contacts & try to locate them
      • Have some fun, take pics share on Social
      • Follow up/ connect on Social
      • Take Notes after with App
    • Limit your alcohol consumption, eat good & get enough sleep.  
    • Limit your “Head Down” time (Save your phone/ tablet time for your room)
    • Try to sit with other Pantheon Attendees that you don't know during meal times & build new relationships


  • Visit the Sponsors in the EXPO Hall. If you have planned and prepared you probably have seen which sponsors are there via the website, app or social media. Now it's time to learn why they are present. I like to ask each sponsor how their company can help my business and specifically can you break down some ROI on this. Then don’t forget the SWAG baby!


  • Visit the ServiceTitan Product Specialist & Programs in the EXPO Hall. Just a few here to get you warmed up. 
    • First on my list is to meet with any of the pro products I use or maybe plan to use.
    •  I would seek out any product specialist to learn more ways for me to maximize these areas of my ServiceTitan. 
    • Visit with the LadyTitans and learn how they promote and help our industry. 
    • My unbiased Favorites are of course the Embers & Sparks team. Learn how to leverage TitanAdvisor to help your business grow. *Ask me how TitanAdvisor is similar to a business coach. 
    • I would recommend interviewing some of the ServiceTitan Certified Partners to see if hiring them can be a benefit to my company for now or maybe in the future. Great opportunity here to see which companies can help your company the most. 
    • Be sure to check out the Perks the Torch Members receive going to Pantheon. Might make you just want to join this cheer group!  
    • Now don’t hold me to this but I am betting there is a bit of ServiceTitan & Sponsor SWAG just waiting for you to pick up as well. #SwagBaby!!!
    • Make sure to collect all your Pins: These pins go on your lanyard  and now become great conversation starters. How many trucks, size company, trades, # of Pantheons and more. 
  • The Appreciation Party is the real deal my friends. One of my favorite things about Pantheon is the fact that the owners Vahe and Ara say thank you in such a big way! This year's entertainment is the band OneRepublic. Be sure to be on time, get good seats and have some fun with other ServiceTitan users. Pay attention to where the shuttles will be picking you up at the hotel as the party is located off the hotel site. When you get there look for me, I will be in the back of the club dancing with my 2 left feet! 


  • Networking at the Hotel Lobby, Bar, Restaurant and all other areas after the party. As stated in the previous article I have been attending conferences for years and I am gonna tell you I have never seen so much networking in my life during this night and event overall. Take advantage of this opportunity. It will be filled with Power Users, ST Community Pros, Service Titan CSM’s, Lady Titans, Product Experts and maybe if you're lucky a famous fella like Tom Howard walking around meeting and discussing his favorite budget report. 


  • Try to get to bed at a reasonable time, 730am Comes quickly! I know this might be hard with all information sharing going on. When you do get back to your room make sure to take a few notes of contacts made, new information obtained and other important deets gathered. 

Going to Pantheon 2023 well prepared will go a long way in maximizing your results for sure. In Part 3 we will look at some Pro Tips for Post Pantheon. 


Make sure to find the bald headed one, Tom Howard. I have been told he lets his closest friends rub his head for good luck. But I didn't tell you this! Joking aside, when and if you do find this famous cat, make sure to ask him: Why have you not made good and bought Tim his nice bottle of whiskey🍾? No seriously ask him this:  What are the 3 most important reports I should be looking at for my company and how often should I be reviewing them?


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thanks for the second round of tips @tsjobeck ! 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Pantheon Newbie here...do tell more about these pins to look for?

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

These should be located near the registration, they are free and if your don't see them make sure to ask at registration.  Awesome conversation starters for sure! 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Amazing Tips!!! 

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great advice, hope to find you in the crowd @tsjobeck