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This is the last part of a three part series to assist your business’s “Journey to the Top” at Pantheon 2023. This could be the most important part of the series. How, What and When you bring back all this newly acquired information to your team is critical. Let’s look at a few tips that can help with this. 

Follow ups from Networking is one of the first things you need to check off. All those new connections and old ones too let's send some notes too. I like these points:

  • Within 24 hrs to a few days of the Event
  • Tie follow up to specific meetings or conversations. Provide reminders for context…”When we met at Pantheon, we talked about wraps” 
  • I really like the idea of thanking them for their time and conversation with me & then telling them how it's helping you. 
  • Connect through Social Media, I prefer LinkedIn first. 
  • Email & Text are solid options
  • Keep this first follow up contact short and sweet. 

Review Expenses & close out any expenditures, reimbursements and or other financial implications from your trip. 

Journal about your Pantheon Experience and maybe ask company attendees to do the same. This can help you with valuable information for next year's event planning and as well as a nice resource when needed. 

Upon Return you're Hyped but your team is not…..YET. I struggled with this in my first years of business. I would come back extremely hyped and ready to tackle the world and my team was not ready for me. So remind yourself and those who attended Pantheon this. Next let's discuss some ways to present everything you gained from Pantheon that will create buy in and more importantly action. 

Wrap up Discussion/Meeting is the first step to organizing a method to all the great things you are bringing back to your team. 

  • Organize and Create a presentation for your team
  • Make sure all Pantheon attendees have a part in this role
  • Discuss the details, parties involved and value of why it makes sense for your company
  • Field questions from you team about what you have brought back

Create your EOS/ Rocks list to prioritize anything that your team would like to implement. 

  • Most important: Biggest Impact on your business

  • Low Hanging Fruit: Value items that can be done easily
  • Nice to haves: Focus after first rocks have been moved

Teach the Team who didn’t go to Pantheon, your rocks. Now that you have organized, prioritized and measured the things you want to implement, it's time to teach back what you've obtained. 

  • Start with the why 
    • Why it helps them specifically
    • Why it helps our customers
    • Why it helps our Company
  • Start Slow with any change management
    • Set Goals, KPI’s, Timelines & assign Responsibilities
    • Train One first, then the rest of the team
    • Make it fun, Make it a game, even reward for it
    • Get Feedback and adjust if needed

Attending Pantheon can be an incredible experience and an important tool to improve many critical areas within our businesses and of course in our utilization of ServiceTitan. At my previous business we attended 3 Pantheon events all improving or contributing to more efficiency, automation and utilization. I hope you enjoyed this 3 part series on how to maximize your time at Pantheon 2023 and guide your business’s “Journey to the Top”.


Send a follow up email to Chris Hunter telling him you would like to take advantage of his offer at Pantheon 2023 to go fishing with him. Really just joking here, not even sure he has a boat. All jokes aside,  if you did get the chance at Pantheon to connect with Chris ask him this: What were some of the most important business procedures or work flows that made them so successful.

If you were lucky and met Angie Snow, one of our most famous LadyTitans. Reach out to her and ask her to call your business and evaluate your CSR quality. That's a Joke LOL, if you're actually thinking about this right now, maybe you should listen to your own recordings in ServiceTitan…just sayin! 

If you still can, contact her and Ask Her this: What are her top 3 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) I should be looking at with my CSR department? 

Well folks that's the wrap on Pantheon 2023 “Journey to the Top” We thank you for making this year's Pantheon unforgettable! I look forward to seeing you all next year!

Please Let us Know: In the Comments section below, let me know where you all think next year's Pantheon should be!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Nashville! Or anywhere closer to Indiana really 😂

What a blessing it was to meet and learn from all of the wonderful ST staff, fellow titan, and keynote speakers! Can’t thank you all enough for all you do to help us grow!! 

New Contributor II

Nashville is a good idea.  But I thought Orlando was a good location as well and wouldn't mind if it was there again.

New Contributor

Buffalo, NY

New Contributor III

Hawaii! 😉 I thought it was great that One Republic kept saying they would see us in Hawaii next year. Thanks Tim, your follow ups are amazing! Great to meet you 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thank you @tsjobeck ! So glad to finally meet you in person! 

Wisconsin or Minnesota! 😊 Central and no humidity! 😆

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Great advice for putting what we learned at Pantheon into practice!

New Contributor III

Thanks Tim! I'm going to print this out and work through your suggestions. Really appreciate the advice and follow-up structure. It's always easier with a roadmap! 💥

New Contributor

Great advise Tim. It was great meeting you in Orlando. Thank you for all that you have done for us!  We will definitely see you next year in HAWAII!

Contributor III


Regret not making time to meet you in person. It was sooooo busy, from breakout to breakout, lunch, to main events, whew I need a week to recover. 

I would recommend Pantheon be somewhere in the Eastern Central States, or Western/Mountain. Loved it being in September!! 

New Contributor II

@tsjobeck  So glad to finally see you in person!  Thanks for the tips and advice!  Nashville is nice,  but how about New Orleans? 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Nashville would be great. Great facilities and activities.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am new to networking so these tips are super helpful! Thank you Tim! 

New Contributor III

Hi Tim, Thanks for the wonderful lead-up and wrap-up information. It was really helpful!

I had to miss Angie's session, what is the best way to contact her? 

New Contributor II

San Diego or Nashville!!   please and thanks!

New Contributor

Thank you for the roadmap. I would vote for Nashville as well.