Call Issues within ST

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Hello! We are having issues with the call feature in ST. We are unable to answer the call, it only really alerts us for a very short window, and then we are unable to call out from ST. Our main provider is Zoom VoIP. Is anyone else having these issues? Is there a trick to making this work for us? Support was no help. Thanks!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am guessing the issues are intermittent?  if they are actively presenting I would try to bypass the Zoom VoIP and test ST click to call to a cell phone or external emergency roll-over and see if those issues present.  Hard to test during active operation hours without a reliable backup.  I always hated being the middle man between telecom and ST because they often point fingers at each other or both at our internet providers.  I would restart the onboarding process and look for setting changes, integration updates, hardware updates (firmware, drivers, firewalls) can be time consuming but can sometimes be easier to start over from a to z than guess where the error is.