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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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I have been playing with ChatGPT for a while now and wondered if anyone wanted to share prompts. Here is one I used today. 

Prompt For TikTok from Keywords Everywhere

Directions on how to use:

1. Copy and paste prompt into chatGPT

2. in the " " put in your topic

3. Edit if needed or use as is.

4. When table is complete ask ChatGPT to write a script for each (start with a small qty first)

5. utilizing copy, paste or the sheets plug in, send it over to sheets

6. Bulk create in canva and over lay it with existing video or use stock video

7. Use Repurpose io and send that tiktok everywhere... you can reformat it by creating templates inside the platform.


Prompt To Use:

Please ignore all previous instructions. Please respond only in the english language. You are a TikTok creator and influencer. Please create a TikTok content calendar with ideas for engaging TikToks for 3 months based on the topic "Garage Door". There should be 5 videos scheduled each week of the month. The videos should be entertaining, informative, and engaging. Please use simple and understandable words. Please include tips, personal experiences, and fun facts in the videos. The markdown table should have actual dates in the future. Each month should have its table. The table columns should be: Date, TikTok Idea, Hashtags, Trending songs. Please organize each TikTok idea in the table so that it looks like a calendar. Do not self-reference. Do not explain what you are doing. Reply back only with the table.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

@AshleyB I like Chat GPT, but what I like MORE is Bard by Google! It's got more current data, and is super responsive. 

We use AI to help us with writing job descriptions, wordsmithing emails to clients, writing processes, etc. Any document that needs creation, where it would be easier to EDIT something rather than starting with a blank page - AI is a great tool. It should not replace the human element though - I would caution folks to READ EVERYTHING before sending something you generated in an AI tool!

I totally used Bard to help write my husband's updated resume last week 😎


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I have just learned a bit about Chat GPT...and wow...although I am curious how many students will start to use this for their school work!

I haven't tried it out for much yet but curious to hear what others are using it for!

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