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is there a way for techs to see all techs dispatch without adding to admin?


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I agree with Angie, it is not recommended to allow technicians to see all technician's schedules. 

However, that being said, what I have seen some people do in the past is create a Display user on the office side for the technician and edit permissions to only allow them to view the dispatch board. That would be a separate username and password that they could use to login to a browser on their device and view the dispatch board (which contains the schedules for all technicians).

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Not to my knowledge. At my company, we prefer that the techs do NOT see the entire dispatch board, only their jobs. Sometimes it caused the techs to question why they were assigned certain jobs and not others. My service manager and service coordinator are office users, so they keep the team updated as needed. Is there a reason you want them to be able to see the dispatch board?