Extra jobs at the end of the day

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What is the best way to handle jobs that Smart Dispatch bumps to unassigned towards the end of the day when there isn't enough room in tech shifts?
Here are the solutions I've heard some customers use:
  • Extend tech shifts on a case by case basis through the schedule tab
  • Create longer shifts and have recurring events for the additional shift time that can be adjusted or deleted directly from the dispatch board
  • Assign these by hand
With the idea that we want to allow Smart Dispatch to handle as many jobs as possible, could you all please share what has worked for you or if this is also something you're struggling with?

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

The same as what everyone said - Adjust the timing of each job.  The whole point of this program is to ensure that the technician works within their scheduled time and not over time.  So, with all of that being acknowledged, are you working into Overtime?  If that answer is a no, then you will have to revisit your time frame for job booking.  

Kristin Smith
Covenant Plumbing

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I ran into this problem.  What I ended up doing is adjusting the time requirements for certain job types that were not accurate.  If you can accurately predict or estimate a time frame for how long a type of job will take it makes using the scheduling features more accurate.

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I agree with this. A lot of Job time lengths have a lot of buffer, so it's good to audit this and make adjustments.

Pam Duffy, Powerhouse Consulting Group
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