Dispatch Screen - Addresses

Good morning Has anyone else been experiencing problems since the last update with not seeing addresses displayed on the booking? I understand someone else had suggested having the postal codes/zip as well, but now that is all I'm seeing. Is there a ...

Release issue

We got the release this morning and if I collapse the teams at the top of my screen it only shows about half the calls on the dispatch board??? @BCN I'm assuming this isn't intended behavior?? nothing collapsedthe top teams collapsed

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Clients Confirming Appointments

Hello,I am new to service titan and this community discussion board, so forgive me if this is an old topic. I did search and didn't find anything yet, so here is my issue/question or suggestion for future improvement...I would like it if the emailed ...

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Resolved! Teams on Dispatch Board

Does anyone know if it's possible to change the background color on the dispatch board? With the latest release, the line with the Team name is all white, just like a technician shift. It's going to take some getting use to because now it looks like ...

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Mass Delete Technician Shifts

I had an idea to be able to mass delete technician shifts. You can bulk add them but you have to delete them one by one. Please go vote for my idea!!!

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Resolved! Unassign Technician

Can you tell me if there is a way to unassign a tech from a dispatched call? Or to undispatch them from a call so that it can be assigned to another technician. This is not for when they have time on the job, just to send a different technician than ...

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What kind of skills are you utilizing to improve your capacity planning?How many job types are tied to skills and are you able to leverage this for capacity planning? We leave calls unassigned until dispatched and struggle to make ACP work properly.