Is there a way to see the dispatch schedule when booking a call?

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When i'm booking a call is there a way to see the dispatch schedule? It would be so much easier to schedule calls that way.


**Service titan developers please see this**


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We use a back up google schedule and keep duplicate schedules.  Comes in  handy when ST is down or I am working remote on the laptop.  I have two monitors and google is always open right next to ST

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I also use two monitors. I keep many tabs open. On one monitor I use half for my calls screen and a half for my chat screen. On my other monitor, I keep up my dispatch board. I use like 4 tables of the dispatch board. Different dates depending on what I need. 

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I also use multiple tabs and monitors for viewing.

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Having multiple tabs open in the browser, and multiple monitors, is a must.

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This needs a million likes, the only other way to do this is with advanced scheduling called capacity planning but obviously it isn't accurate like the schedule is