NEW IDEA! Dispatch notification to ALL techs assigned to an appointment when one dispatches.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator


Hey there friends! Go vote for my idea!
Send a notification to all technicians assigned to a job when one technician dispatches to the job.
When we have multiple techs assigned to a job, I want to be able to alert ALL the techs on the job that one is on the way. There is already a dispatched technician notification- just add the option to have that alert send to job-related technicians (the same way you can do with the dispatch canceled notification).

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I voted for this as well! I would love that!

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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YES! Just the other day I had 2 techs assigned to 1 install job and they were asking me if each other was on the way yet. This would be amazing if they could see when the other one dispatches and know when to expect each other's arrival for help. Definitely earns my vote.

Khiana Klatt
CSR ServicePlus Heating and Cooling