Scheduling times

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How is everybody setting booking times? Ex. 4 hour windows? Morning or afternoon? 2 hour windows etc. We currently are setting at 2 hour blocks but considering morning or afternoon to allow dispatch to work these calls more efficiently throughout the day. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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We use 7 am, before 12 and after 12. I have noticed these times have helped alot more than the old time frames we had of 8-11, 9-12, 10-1, etc

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We use 4 hour scheduling windows, 8-12 and 1-5. But then we set up job types to have an expected time duration, so we can put more than one call in each window.

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @PolarAir1 -- I've seen both 2 and 4 hour windows used depending on business units, regardless of time of day. Example: sales BU uses a 2 hour window vs. service BU has a 4 hour window

Sheena @ NiFT