Schedule board

I would like to see the jobs turn to gray when they are completed on the schedule tab. The jobs stay green no matter what status they are. It would be nice to look at the schedule and see the jobs that were completed verses still open.

Need feedback on priority and value of job types

Hi Everyone,I’m a UX Researcher on the Dispatch team, and we’re working to improve our dispatch experience. I am working with product designers, and we’d love to get your feedback on your experience, specifically related to the importance on priority...

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Removing a tech from job once he arrives....

Will we ever be able to remove a tech from a job once he arrives? For example, if the tech arrives to a house and the homeowner is not home & needs to reschedule because they either forgot or had something come up. I know you can cancel the dispatch ...

misty325 by New Contributor III
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Sending messages via dispatch

Hi fellow ST community members! I was watching a webinar today and in it they suggested ways to help maintain a happy and positive work environment. One company mentioned they send daily jokes/memes in messages via the dispatch board. This way everyo...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Tech Photos

I want to send photos of the tech when I dispatch how do I do that I have the photos but I don't know how to turn on the feature

Canceled Calls

I run a 25 tech plumbing company. We have anywhere from 900-1200 calls per month with a 92% booking rate. I would like to know what is the average canceled calls % to booked calls regardless of reasons. Also what to you is an acceptable reason and wh...

Jakeasap by New Contributor
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Resolved! Recurring Service Bookings Question - Help

Keep in mind before reading this that this could be user error...When booking recurring services for locations with multiple memberships (example. multiple units that need to be serviced at the same property) We end up having to book separate appoint...

Alexhashey by New Contributor II
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Exporting Display

HI Everyone! Does anyone know if there is a setting to turn on a feature to display on the dispatch screen the invoice status? So, if we hoover over a job, it will show us pending or exported? Otherwise, we have to click on each job/call slip and go ...

bryanna_ by New Contributor II
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Turf Care

Hello, everyone. I am fairly new to using Aspire and will be using it to run and operate my Turf Care Program. I am having trouble with the scheduling portion since my jobs are not recurring. I'm currently used to Service AutoPilot where you have the...

Rhardesty by New Contributor
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