Dispatch Pro - On Call

This last week during our after hours time frame, one of our technicians created a job in ST for after hour service. The time frame for an arrival he allotted in the job was a 4 hour window that he did not exceed when he started heading toward the jo...

Mass Delete Technician Shifts

I had an idea to be able to mass delete technician shifts. You can bulk add them but you have to delete them one by one. Please go vote for my idea!!!

inf8380 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Closing Jobs

Hey All!I am looking for feedback on closing jobs. Currently, my technicians closeout their own jobs. However, we are looking into having the techs reach out to their manager to essentially have that job reviewed and then closed by that manager. We a...

melaniehammond by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Technician Shifts

Is there a way to create 1 standard shift and add technicians to it? Right now we are creating individual shift per tech.

iwilliam by New Contributor
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Grey boxes (non-job events) disappearing

Has anyone experienced the grey boxes (non-job event) disappearing off the dispatch board? It is the strangest thing. We use the grey boxes to block a tech and note that they have that day off. Several times now the box has disappeared and it is only...

bbiswell by New Contributor II
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Labor Management

I would really like for ST to have an option for dispatchers to have a live, auto-updating page showing the technicians current hours for the week. This is very vital to trying to manage labor for techs! We cannot try to keep them to 40 hours if we d...

Weldon02 by New Contributor II
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Scheduling times

How is everybody setting booking times? Ex. 4 hour windows? Morning or afternoon? 2 hour windows etc. We currently are setting at 2 hour blocks but considering morning or afternoon to allow dispatch to work these calls more efficiently throughout the...

PolarAir1 by New Contributor
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