NEW PODCAST: How to get more out of your Call Center! (Angie Snow and Jackie Aubel)

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I love so many things about our CSR / Dispatcher group here in the ServiceTitan Community! If you work in a call center, you should be in this group, so please join our group

A few months ago, @JackieAubel and I asked the CSRs and dispatchers in this group to share their Call Center questions. Well they did, and we answered them LIVE on the Toolbox for the Trades podcast. You can listen to this episode here!

I hope you all gather a few gold nuggets from this one! Join our CSR / Dispatcher group to stay in the loop with the latest tips and great trainings! 

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I finally am having a chance to listen to this now. Thank you SO much for answering mine and @mirdesch questions. Thank you for the shout out. I really appreciate you taking the time to create this podcast! I love your answers too and how you mention it is a team effort to sell memberships and to get good reviews. I have always loved the idea of field trips but also wasn't sure how to make them happen so I appreciate your suggestions. An awesome podcast. @asnow and @JackieAubel you two are amazing!

Khiana Klatt
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