Outbound Conversion Rates

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Hello fellow Titans!

I am wondering what methods you use within ST in order to get an accurate Outbound conversion rate listing.  We are currently in PhonesPro with DialPad and we can get a close approximation to what it is, but it seems odd that several of the reports that we find in ST that list outbound numbers don't seem to make the bridge to getting us an accurate look at what this number should be, at least from what we have been able to find. 

I am wondering what methods you use in order to get an accurate look at this.  The inbound conversion rate tracking is almost spot on, which is great, we are just looking to get that number for calls going the other direction.




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While this will tell me if the job they booked was converted on, what I am looking for is finding out a simple way to calculate how many jobs the CSR is able to book off of outbound calls based on the total amount of outbound calls they make.  For instance, CSR outbound calls 100 customers.  If they book 10 of those Outbound calls, they have a 10% Outbound Conversion Rate.  Just trying to see if there is an easy report that will put this together in the system for me.

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Hello there! Have you tried this option yet? Custom report>Calls>Office Performance> Then under Call Center Metrics> Booked Job Converted? 

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