Outbound Lead Tracking

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Is there a way to get all outbound leads into Service Titan? 

Leads come in many different forms and customers want to be contacted in different ways. When we make outbound contacts through phone, text, email is there a way to make this contact a lead? 

The ability to track all leads, where they came from and the conversion rate seems like it should be a basic function of ST at this point yet support seems to not understand the issue. 


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I am bumping us this thread because I cannot believe in the eight years plus I have used ServiceTitan they have not provided us with a solution for this. Every company that I have worked for has needed a way to accurately track their outbound leads. The fact that this issue is still not resolved frustrates me beyond belief. I do not want to track my outbounds manually and currently I have to manipulate the system for those leads to show up for my CSRs. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Very much agree with this. I have wondered why when booking a call, say through text, it has not been counted as a lead. It is booked as a manual job. I feel like that is just as good of a lead as any. 

Please make this an idea and I will vote! 

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