Hard Customers

How do you best handle upset customers who are very upset because the clients don't deal with them appropriately? For example, keep canceling appointments, never call back, and fix things only to have them break again in a couple of days.

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equipment on invoice

I now need to manually enter equipment onto each install invoice. I use to be able to copy and past the equipment from the equipment list directly onto the invoice. ST no longer allows me to copy and then paste.Is anyone else dealing with this and wh...

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Resolved! Avatar ST Certified admin badge

I have noticed that other ST certified admins have a badge next to their name/avatar in their profile. I have completed my exam about 3 weeks ago. Is this something ST would automatically update or am I missing a step. Thank you in advanced.

RColon by New Contributor II
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Customer Statements

What size window envelopes can be used to mail out customer statement since remit address on top right corner?


Does anyone else have issues with your pictures and videos attaching to an estimate, but they are showing blank? 

JimMunz8 by New Contributor
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Titan Camera

Hello all, one thing I find that limits our professional experience for our customers is the very limited camera system. When I attach pictures and videos to an estimate, they come across out of order and the videos look like “?” There are several ot...

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Email Attachment Tracking - please vote!!!

How many times do you get a customer that says "you never sent me an email" when you did? It's great Service Titan is able to keep track of emails sent though the software and the exact time the customer opened it! It is such an awesome feature.Howev...

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Alerts for Notes

Is it possible for ST to create an alert for when a tech adds a note to a job? All other dispatching softwares I've worked with has this option. It is not productive to have to constantly check jobs multiple times a day to make sure we aren't missing...