How to automatically send a referral request

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Hi everyone, just wanted to share a really powerful integration that’s available that allows you to automatically request for your customers to send out referrals!

If you connect ServiceTitan to NiceJob, you can automatically import your contacts and invite customers into review and referral campaigns. For example, when a job is closed in ServiceTitan, your customers can automatically be enrolled in a follow-up referral campaign to encourage customer advocacy and growth. You can even automatically share reviews on your social media profiles and website! 

This makes a huge difference in making everything your marketing more streamlined and efficient, and can help you get waaay more referrals. Word of mouth goes a long way!

NiceJob has a Black Friday sale right now - 75% off all new plans for the first 2 months, so you can try it for less than $20/month!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You can do the same kind of thing with Chiirp also! Check it out! If you sign up for Chiirp with my referral link, I donate the referral bonus I get to a non-profit organization that encourages people to join the trades, like Women in HVACR, Tools & Tiaras, or Explore the Trades!

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions