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Does anyone use the "recurring billing" feature for memberships?  If I am understanding it correctly, I believe this is how I want to set ours up.  My goal is to be able to bulk charge memberships by creating a run using the "next bill date" on the memberhsip.  Am I understanding this correctly?  How do the memberships need to be structured (duration, billing frequency, recurring services, etc.)?


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Hello!  Admittedly, memberships are proving to be a PITA.  As for the billing component, it does seem to be getting better.

After about a year of performing this "Manually", we have just moved into the "automatic billing".  You have the following criteria, "from day", "to day", "invoice day", "bill day", and "membership types". Here is how we have it set up.  We have these THREE RULES.


In theory this "should" cover all bases, yet I cannot say with 100% certainty that this is accurate.  I am waiting for February to see if my third rule causes any issues.  I have it set this way per ServiceTitan customer service rep.

So far this is working.  Just know that you will need to manually go in RECURRING BILLING > BILLING HISTORY and pull the records for the FAILED & UNATTEMPTED PAYMENTS and follow up on those accordingly.  I have seen a good amount of failed payments as a result of customers CC being lost/stolen and they just did not recall who they had autopayments with.  These have been easy fixes and the customers appreciate the call back.

Lastly, I very much agree with you that finding the steps from the beginning to the end is like looking for Bigfoot.  Perhaps some gurus out there and chime in share their knowledge.




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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @sheila_a -- yes, you can either manually process billing runs for your desired date range or you can setup automatic billing rules that run at whatever cadence you like. You can even create different rules that apply to specific membership types and billing frequency. Here's an article on how to Process recurring billing

Hope this helps!

- Sheena @ NiFT

Sheena @ NiFT

Is there a way to create automatic billing by choosing the payment method too? Some people pay with their credit card and we debit the bank account of some customers and I need these to be in different batches.

Thank you.

I have already read and re-read through that.  I've been working on this all week!  What would be helpful is assistance with starting with set up of membership, billing / invoice template set up, billing rules, etc.  I have something wrong but no one can seem to tell me all the steps from beginning to end of this entire process.  Anyone???