Phones Pro and Desktop Phones

Is there a way to set all our desktop phones to ring out our default business number, I tried going into the dialpad app and there wasn't an option for our default # and then I went to the web version and selected "Your Devices" from the profile and ...

kaltec by New Contributor
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Tech accounts and Standard/Advanced Seats

We use Phones Pro since we started company wide. We have Tech seats and Standard/Advanced Seats. We cannot (and this seems absolutely crazy to me here) use text alerts from Service Titan using the phone numbers assigned to any of our seat types. For ...

kd3004 by New Contributor II
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Marketing Pro

We had Marketing Pro for about 12 months. We made a mistake of adding it immediately after starting ST. It was a 12 month waste for us because we didnt even know who to use ST. ha.We are looking at adding it again but Id love some input from someone ...

cassiepo by New Contributor II
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Bulk editing question & category issue.

1 question and 1 suggestion in the postRegarding bulk editing:I'm looking for a way to bulk duplicate a large number of services and then I can append or prepend. I'm duplicating our custom tasks section which has many tasks so that I can have one ca...

jamied by Contributor
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