Drive Home on Job Costing

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Since we have such a large service area, we have been using a timesheet code with automatic commute deduction to pay our technicians for their drive home.  This works for their paycheck, but the job costing reports are a mess.  We really need that time allocated to the job.  If we're paying for all of that time, we need to know how it's affecting the job costing metrics.  

One idea was to just have them stay clocked into the job until they get back, but that is not ideal since it adds a lot of room for error.  



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Kylan

Great question, let's see if one of our Timesheets and Payroll experts can weigh in. @Jeremy_Wick have you worked with or have suggestions for having job costing metrics accurate and paying technicians for their drive home? 


Has there been any progress on this issue? I really need to track my drive time as a job cost and would love to know any suggested method!