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Is the Economy Affecting the Home Services Industry?

Are you showing slow to moderate growth in 2023? If so, here is a little advice and knowledge for you to bolster that growth and know the signs to be looking for so you are always prepared no matter w...


Is Your CSR Prepared for That Difficult Call

Does your CSR team have the tools to deal with that difficult phone call? Have you done your training with them on how to handle that call? If not, take a minute and see how important this is to keep ...


Weekly Leaderboard - June 27, 2023

Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world. ― Roy T. Bennett  


Automation and Your KPI

Do you truly know your daily KPI? Do you know what your customers honestly think of your business and the services that you provide? If you don't take a minute or two and get acquainted with the autom...


Are Your Ducts All Sized Right?

When was the last time you did duct work? Is your team trained to talk about the proper sized duct work on every sale?  Do you even have a duct cleaning division? If not here are some reasons why you ...