Auto Apply Credits

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It would be very helpful to have a pop up or something that asks the dispatcher (or CSR) if they want to apply credits on the account to any open balance when they book a job.  We also need to prompt techs in the field there was a payment made against the estimate that was booked into the job (sometimes they auto apply, sometimes they don't).  We have tons of customers who are paying in advance, it is not getting applied to the invoice, then the tech is charging again.  Any kind of pop up that states "Credit on Account" or similar would be very helpful!


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This drives me nuts!  When I am approving the invoices before sending them to the customer there is NOTHING on the invoice or in the job that indicates there is a credit on the account.  There should be a pop up or SOMETHING that indicates a customer has a credit.  We also take deposits on estimates and while the line items from the estimate populate automatically to the final invoice, the deposit does not.


I would vote for that!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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