Batch Export Error

In ST, I have a batch that reads "partially exported"; however, it looks like it has fully exported to QB. ST is telling me to "see error report for details", but when I click on this, it tells me "action cancelled, unauthorized access". I've tried u...

SSabol by New Contributor
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Payment duplicate

Am I the only one having an issue with payments duplicating when a tech takes a payment for a past bill and the bill for that day? this has happened every time now since the last update.

shawnsik by Contributor
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Resolved! Payment Collections-Credit Card Payments

Suddenly credit cards are no longer an option to select when using the new payment collection feature to put payments in. The way I process payments for some of our customers is one CC payment for multiple invoices, I am not able to put in or process...

Vickies by New Contributor III
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Zero Out Refund Invoice

Since ST has been updated with the payments module, it does not allow you to add a negative payment. I am looking to find out the easiest way to zero out a credit balance invoice. In the past I would create the credit invoice in ST, export to QB, iss...

johnsond by New Contributor III
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Batching Checks

After the lastest update the only way to batch a check that has been entered is to go to the accounting screen. Before the latest update you could batch a check that has been entered by going to the invoice. You were able to just batch the check with...

cynthiao by New Contributor II
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Late Fee Notification Emails and Adding Late Fees

I would be nice if ST had a setting for sending a reminder to a customer regarding their invoice due date and adding penalties or fees for them being late automatically. Would anyone else find this feature handy?

donqueli by New Contributor
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