Warranty/3rd Party Warranty and Ensuring our Accounting is Right

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Hey Guys - Need some help here!

We are trying to create an efficient way to manage warranties on equipment but cannot seem to find a way. 

Here are the scenarios. 

Manufacturer Warranty: If we service equipment under warranty we will be charging the customer for labor and if a part needs to be replaced, we will have to reach out to manufacturer, purchase the part, and then request a credit for that part. How should the invoicing work for something like this? We have a service in our pricebook for "warranty part" which is set at a static price. Will we need to add this to the invoice (routed to a warranty liability gl account) at the positive static price and then add the negative of this (separate service) routed to a warranty recognized account? What if the price of the part is different than the static price in our pricebook? Does our office manager have to manually adjust the invoice on the backend? 


3rd Party Warranty: We partner with a 3rd party warranty company that offers labor warranty as well as material reimbursement to some degree. In some cases, our clients are both under 3rd party warranty as well as manufacturer warranty? Same issue as above, what does this look like from an accounting standpoint and how should the invoices be configured to efficiently achieve this. 

Please help! 


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I would recommend you make sure that the config "Enable separate print adjustment invoices for another contact" is on for your account.  You can either reach out to your CSM or self service (Use this article to learn how https://help.servicetitan.com/how-to/manage-feature-configurations). 

With that configuration on, you can then create adjustment invoices and change the bill-to on the adjustment invoice to be either the manufacturer warranty or 3rd party warranty company and charge them the amount they owe on that adjustment invoice. 

On the original invoice, you can charge the homeowner for anything they are responsible for. 

This is one method to bill the warranty companies. 

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