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🤠 You Asked, We Listened 🤠

The Community Team is excited to announce a HUGE improvement to the Ideas experience...


You are finally able to share ideas since every idea now has its own unique link. This will make voting and general knowledge sharing so much easier.

Here is a quick video on what this NEW experience looks like:

  • As long as you are logged into Community (and a ServiceTitan customer), the Ideas page will open in a new browser tab
  • Grab the link of any individual idea to share with anyone and everyone
  • Be auto-subscribed to any ideas you vote on (so you can easily track the progress of that idea)

Let us know what ya'll think (yes, the pun was intended) 😊 We can't wait to show you the other improvements we have planned for the Ideas experience!

Special thanks and shout outs to @RandiThompson@reneem@JessicaSmith@scottf_GBO@SteveCossette@AdamCronenberg, and many other Community members who provided their feedback on this new experience and ways we can continue to improve.