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Hi Everyone, 

We are deciding between keeping our current payment processing software or switching to ST payments. After discussing with the Fintech team, we found out that they are unable to process debit transactions using Elavon. We are curious as to what other payment processors are companies using in BC/Canada for Visa, Mastercard and Debit and which ones not to use. e.g: Plooto, QBO payments, Global Payments etc. 

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Hi Morgan,

We use Clover for our payments, we actually don't use Service Titan for them at all. My techs carry Clover payment processing machines and we take debit, Visa and MasterCard. The Clovers work ok, but they do drop in dead zones where we can't get wifi or data. 

Clover doesn't integrate with ServiceTitan (I don't think anyway), so in order for our techs to take payments, they have to punch in the job # on the Clover machine, take the payment, then go into the invoice on ServiceTitan and add the payment. I then batch all invoices and payments the next day. Once the batching is complete, our bookkeeper will reconcile Visa/MasterCard accounts to ensure payments are not missed. Not the smoothest way for sure and it opens us up to many mistakes!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

At a previous company, we used Clover.  I didn't like that the machines are really expensive and don't tend to stand up well...especially if you are in a cold area.  And trying to get through to support was hugely painful.  

We currently use ST payments, along with taking cheques.  We find that most people have credit cards they use.  I would look at your percentage of VisaDebit sales to see if the cost of the clovers outweighs that and go from there.

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@kristent @ToniF I know you are located in BC - are you able to help Morgan out with this by chance?


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