Employee Reminder

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how can I set up a reminder for the employees and the technician to review their timesheet and send it back to the office? Is there such a thing? Thank you

GHG – Energy Assessment

If you are a HVAC contractor in Canada, you are likely aware of the Greener Home Grant. Clients need to have an energy assessment before proceeding with the GHG. There are a few energy auditors out there but the one our company has been having succes...

Estimates Upgrade Idea!

Hoping some will vote for this idea! Online estimates could definitely use an upgrade!

mirdesch by Contributor II
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Paying POs in Multiple Currencies

Does anyone use QuickBooks Desktop and pays some of your purchase order in multiple currencies (CAD & US). I'm looking to see if this is possible. I have run some test between ST and QBD and they're just not working out the way I was hoping for.

MadisonPCG by ServiceTitan Certified Provider
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Payment Processing Options

Hi Everyone, We are deciding between keeping our current payment processing software or switching to ST payments. After discussing with the Fintech team, we found out that they are unable to process debit transactions using Elavon. We are curious as ...

Only partial chat messages received - help!

Hey Canadian users! Since November 2022, I have had support cases open as I have been having trouble with our ST chat where I only receive partial messages on my work Macbook. They still have not found a permanent solution for this problem and it imp...


Hey Everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone was having any issues with Reporting? Reporting in ServiceTitan is very powerful - but if using the wrong filters / report can give you skewed data. Is anyone looking to build custom reports and not really s...

Jeremy_Wick by ServiceTitan Certified Provider
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What challenges do you face?

What challenges are you facing as a ST user or as a company in the trades? Do you have any questions or scenarios that you are looking for expert advice in? ‍ Please take a second to drop your question or concern below in the comments. Additionally,...

Best Practice / Coaching Groups

Hello all, We are looking to join a new business coaching + best practice groups. A few that seem popular are BDR and Blue Collar Network, but I am curious if fellow Canadian users have any recommendations? Looking forward to the discussion! Thanks, ...