Help us help you!

Hello hello! What would you like to see more of in this group? This group was created for YOU - our fellow Canadian Service Titan users and we want it to be as beneficial as possible for each of you. Let us know what you would like to see more of! - ...

Solar Eclipse - Monday! πŸŒ“

I had an interesting question/topic raised - With the solar eclipse happening on Monday, will your business be closing early? Will the eclipse be fully visible where you are located? Will you close early to 1) ensure your staff are safe and not on th...

Let’s hear your positive story!

Happy April and happy spring! April showers bring May flowers! Personal or work – what is your positive story that has happened to you recently? Share something that has made you smile, lit a spark in you or made you feel happy. Have you had positive...

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After hours call out companies

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask if anyone had experience finding remote workers for after hours or worked with a company for after hours. I see lots of people work with call Centers in the states -but I was wanting something a little closer to home

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Fun Fact Friday!

Happy fun fact Friday! Drop us a fun fact below in the comments about the company you currently work for! What is something everyone may not know; what makes your company unique?

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KM on Technician Tracker

Hi,Is there a way to switch the technician tracker to KM instead of miles?I posted an idea since I wasn't able to find anything -

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Toolbox for the Trades - Inventory

Has anyone had a chance to listen to our very own @Jeremy_Wick 's interview on Toolbox for the Trades? I have been catching up on podcasts this week. If you have not had a chance, I will drop the link below. Jeremy is a whiz when it comes to inventor...

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Estimate/Proposal Templates

Hi Everyone. Just looking to get some input from everyone else on how they are currently using proposal/estimate templates. Due to being a multi-trade company we offer so many different options for our customers. We are currently not using a price bo...

Spring 2024 goals πŸ™Œ

As we enter the month of March, how has everyone's 2024 been so far? What goals do you and your company have for spring? What goals have you already achieved this year? How do you keep track of your goals - KPIs, checklists, an app, a board in your o...

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Hiring employees from other countries 🌍

I am curious if any of your companies offer positions to immigrants coming into Canada? From my understanding, for an immigrant to obtain a work permit, they require their job to sponsor them. Do any of you have experience with this at your company? ...

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