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Hey Everyone! I was hoping you could tell me if you are currently using an answering service for after hours and weekends. We are looking for a service who can book calls in Service Titan.


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We use All City Com for our answering service.  We have used them for several years and are happy with their service.  I recently asked them if they would book our calls into ServiceTitan and their response was: 

We do currently do ServiceTitan for scheduling/dispatching for a couple of our other clients, so we are a little familiar with the software.  If you wanted to create a user for us and describe what you’d like us to do, or even put together a video demonstration, I can send that information over to our training coordinator and have her review it to determine whether we would be able to use ServiceTitan for your account or not.

So now we are going to start getting this setup on our end.  

Stacy Cusano
Edd Helms AIr Conditioning & Electric

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We are using AnswerFirst and they stated they can book into ST. But we don't currently use that, the oncall technician just creates the calls. 

We also just signed up for Scheduling Pro and will be using them after we get setup 100%, using for online tool and chat. To work out kinks with ACP and Dispatch Pro, and then we will use for after hours calls. 

Gulfshore Air Conditioning, Niceville FL
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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We use Scheduling Pro. We like it for the most part. They can book all of our residential calls, but we have them pass any commercial calls onto us.

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi, @bridgetlhann -- many others are using ServiceTitan's Scheduling Pro live services for their after hours bookings. This is integrated with ST and could be a benefit to your company! 

- Sheena @ NIFT

Sheena @ NiFT

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

A couple companies I have been at have used after hours but none are able to actually book into Service Titan that we used or researched.  One company we considered would add a call to ST but it was put in the unassigned call list.

We found more success with having an on call tech and/or csr to book the calls.

Miranda Melnychuk, RSE
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