Customer Communication and Customizing messages/ Dispatch

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Regarding the notifications that are sent to the customer at appt booking or for reminders. We charge customers in different areas different amounts. We would like to be able to remind the customers that are in those areas of the special charge and not customers in the other areas. There is not a way currently to send specific messages based on area or type of service. There should be more options in this department instead of a blanket one message fits all.

Suggestion;  Create a customized a template based on zip code and also on Job Type. 

A side note is that a lot of times we book with a property Manager about a specific location. Instead of the template saying your property at.. Customize whom the notification goes to name/phone # for the property..xx.

"for the property you manage at..."

Possibly the notification template could be customized on the Job page when booking the appt. The drop down can say, Send booking notification- Customize notification- Then from there the CRM can type specific instructions to the Customer/PM/ Owner- whomever booked the call. 


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