Limiting Technician Phone Calls to Customers

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Our owner has tasked us with trying to reduce the calls from our technicians to our customers when in route to their location.  we currently use service titan and our customers get a confirmation email as well as a text when our technician is in route. What he is wanting is to solely go off of the confirmation and text to customer. Is this something other companies do? Our only concern is for no call no shows if our technicians do not have that actually contact before dispatching to the next location? how do you guys handle those situations?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Suggestion: when booking calls, let customers know they will be notified via text (or email if they prefer) when their technician is on the way. We have our CSRs state “we do send a text with technician name and photo when he has been dispatched to your location.” If it is an older customer that doesn’t use text/email, they will ask to receive a call instead. Customers will also let you know if there’s a gate, dogs, etc once your CSR begins that conversation. Hope this helps! 😊

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I would second this! In addition to informing customers of dispatch text, we have our CSRs let them know to look out for appt reminders the day before & to be sure to reply to that message to keep their appt! We keep their appt regardless, but it does help encourage customers to confirm their appt and prompts them to inform us if they prefer another contact method. So that way our Techs know to call customers if the appt is Not Confirmed - unless a CSR note states otherwise. 

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Our company runs solely on the email and text confirmations. It's different with each customer when it comes to them answering the confirmation text or the dispatch text but we have very few no call no shows by the customer.  We have been on Service titan since August or 21 and started with the notifications early this past summer. It did take a few weeks for everyone to get used to the notification but now it is pretty seamless.

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That's one way to handle the situation. As a field tech I prefer to talk to the customer and let them know. It's the first line of communication from me and it allows the process of rapport. If they have any requests about parking, don't ring the doorbell with the psycho dogs, or any other personal requests. And not all customers use email/sms. Our older customers prefer phone calls.