Customer rewards/loyalty program

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I want to create a customer rewards/loyalty program based on annual spending or the number of jobs completed. Is there any way to automate this in Service Titan? Maybe when a customer meets a preset threshold, a tag is created or a custom field is populated to mark the account? 


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s_fox_ca:  I really like your idea; we are looking to do something similar but are looking for a way to implement, manage & track.  Have you had any success?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

That might be something that could be done using Zapier but not something set inside ServiceTitan to automatically happen.

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @s_fox_ca there are ways to capture customer spending and number of jobs completed on reporting, but what you're suggesting sounds perfect to post on the ideas page and share here so we can all upvote. That's a great idea!

- Sheena @ NiFT



Sheena @ NiFT