Scheduling Semi-Annual Direct Mail Campaigns

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Hi - our company has a membership service that includes semi-annual coupons. We would like to schedule an automated sending of these coupons via a direct mail campaign in ServiceTitan. Does anyone have a good way to create an audience of those in a membership group and have it send to all of them in January and July on an ongoing basis? 


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Hey there! 

For your audience, it sounds like you can just set your inclusion filters to be based on Membership Name, and Membership Status (in this case "Active" will suffice). Cadence wise, our automated campaigns are only able to have 60 days between drips so what you're trying to do in one campaign will not be available. I would suggest doing a 1x campaign for the semi-annual sales and name them specifically (IE: July 2023 Semi-Annual), etc. 

This might make great sense in general seeing as you'll likely want to add specific expiration dates on the postcards themselves to add urgency for usage. 


In the meantime, I highly encourage you to post in our ideas portal for a feature improvement to increase the cadence time between content drips from 60 days!

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @conormartin

Great question! Let me tag one of our amazing experts in Marketing Pro @PamDuffy-PCG to help you with scheduling semi-annual Direct Mail Campaigns.