Millennials in 2025 will become 75% of the workforce.

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Last month after an American Legion meeting I was having a lengthy conversation with an appliance repair shop owner that recently had two of his technicians retire. He successfully sold his business and will be staying on another year to help the new owners transition. The new owners are a young couple with the husband who decided to walk away from a large service company, by creating his own brand of service and repair in the high desert of Southern California. The owner who sold the company was using pen, paper, and an old dinosaur accounting program that worked for them and there was no real change except for upgrading the telephones he jokingly said. The major reason for selling the company was the lack of finding people that want to work in his way of explaining with a complaining voice nobody wants to work. 

In delving deeper into this there is a fact that Millennials are the fastest growing segment of the workforce and will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. Think about automation in the future of your business and these same prospective technicians, installers, and sales people grew up using a smartphone and a tablet. This is the workforce that is coming up and will go to a company that utilizes technology to grow their business and automate all of their manual tasks. 

I welcome your thoughts on this and would love to hear more about how you plan on utilizing technology or if technology is already being used in your daily workflow operations.



ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

My thoughts exactly! It's not that they don't want to work, it's they don't want to work the way you think they should work. Pen and paper is outdated and mind numbing. I can't believe my high schoolers still need binders at school. Why? They've been using chromebooks for years. 

Madison Moritz