Timesheet report for total hours by Activity

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We use the timesheets for the technicians in ST, and at the end of the week I need to pull a report showing the total hours keyed to each activity.

I.E. we have "Shoptime" and "Meetings"  as an Activity in the timesheets.  At the end of the week I need a total of hours spent on "Shoptime" and "Meetings" ect.  

Is there any other way to have a report to show the "non-billable time"?

I understand it shows on the time sheet reports HOWEVER, it is taking a lot of office time to go through them and ADD up all the times for a weekly total.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You could create a separate report for each activity you want to track and set the filter for that activity on the report.  At the very bottom of the column, there will be a place where you can choose to show the totals for that column.  Once those are set, schedule the report to run on what day you would like and you should be good.


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