Greener Home Grant changes! Feb 2024

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I work for a HVAC company and we complete a lot of Greener Home Grant installations. First, there was an announcement that the grant would be ending at the end of Feb. Then we were told that the grant was currently on pause. Yesterday afternoon we were informed that the Greener Home Grant has currently ended here in Ontario and clients who had their pre-assessment booked in this month with EnerGuy, their appointments will be cancelled. With there being so many sudden changes to the program over the past few weeks, our clients and our staff have had a lot of questions! There is talk that a Greener Home Grant will re-open and will be improved later this year. However, what does this mean for our businesses and our clients in the meantime? 

Below are two articles you may find helpful to read over today to update yourself on the latest information regarding the Greener Home Grant in Ontario.

If you have additional information to share regarding these changes, please drop them below in the comments or feel free to create your own post in this group. I'm curious - how will your company be coping with the challenge of this grant ending so suddenly? Here's hoping it is back up and running soon again this year!



Khiana Klatt
CSR ServicePlus Heating and Cooling