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Hey fellow Lady Titans!

I am still new and would love some newbie tips on Memberships if you guys have any to share.  I missed out on Pantheon this year and am hoping to go next


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Hey all,

thank you all so much for making me feel so welcome.  I am learning so much so quickly! We are getting things set up and i am so very excited to say i did learn how to create a form and tag it to the membership.  a basic document for the customer to read and sign when the techs are in the field!  so far no issues!  I am looking forward to more info on Pantheon 24, so if that is available I would love it!  I cant wait for this journey and  get to know everyone!  thanks again!!


Welcome Gina! 

How do you see having your memberships set up? What would they include? Yearly, monthly billing? And share, if you have already started setting them up, where you feel stuck. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi Gina!

Welcome to LadyTitans! I am sure someone here can help you with your Memberships! Is there particular challenges that you are having with them? Looking more ServiceTitan setup, how to sell them, what is included? Would love to share anything that I can that may help!!

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We are not currently using memberships. But welcome to the group!

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Welcome! Hope you can go to Pantheon 2024!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Make sure you know if you want to use deferred revenue or not…the set up is different for each.  Start with only one or two memberships and then build from there.  Have a good training program in place so your field staff can easily sell them!

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Hello and welcome!

I highly recommend that you determine all the scenarios for the memberships beforehand. The more organized you are on how you want it to be executed the easier it is. It is all about the set up.