Anyone having issues with phones pro dialpad? Putting people on busy, or off duty.

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We seem to have constant issues with Phones Pro/Dial pad. Most recently it has now decided to put our agents on "Busy" which is not even an option in our drop down when logging out, after we make a phone call. We will be on "available," and make a call. When we get off the call it then puts us as "busy" and leaves as such. Or it will just log us out, no warning, no ringing, no missed call.

Contacted support, was told basically, "sorry, we can't reproduce the issue so we can't do anything." The agent I talked to said he would email me, and then to reply and email them a screen recording of the issue happening. I recorded when it put us as busy, after making a call and leaving us as busy, and got no reply. Nothing. Sent a email asking for an update. Nothing. no response whatsoever.

Since we have not gotten any response whatsoever, thought I would see if anyone else has anyone else experienced this issue? Did you get it fixed? If so, what was done? We are going into our busiest time of the year, and this is one of the major issues we are currently dealing with.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Yes, all of that and only silence from the customers on random calls.  I had the help desk at ST look at it but it has continued although not as often.  The suggestion is to clear cache on DialPad but the menu that has that feature has eluded me all but once.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

This seems to happen here as well with the "busy" setting.  There was a recent update on Dialpad...this is when we started to notice it, too.


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